Akhil's Hello Movie Teaser Removed From Youtube

Nov 29 2017 9:07 PM

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Akhil's Hello Movie Teaser Removed From Youtube:

Akhil Upcoming Flick "Hello" Directed by Vikram Kumar. the Movie teaser has received an excellent response over the internet. Now the teaser has removed from youtube because of Background music Copyright infringement.

Now, Youtube has removed the teaser from the Annapurna Studios channel as it received complaint regarding Copyright infringement. People have started speculating that music composer Anup Rubens must have copied the track from an international music album. We tried to find out the truth in it.

The teaser of 'Hello' was cut by promo editor for a dummy musical track available on the web. Later the cut was shown to Anup Rubens and he gave his musical track but the cut was not sounding well with the Rubens music. So, the team decided to keep the track that they sourced from the web. Later, Akhil bought the rights for the track but somehow due to technical issues or lack of acknowledgment of payment issue, Youtube automatically disbanded the trailer from online. Now the team is sorting out with Youtube.

This whole mess is due to miscommunication. Anup didn't copy the tune, nor is his tune used for the teaser, say sources.