Mehbooba First Song 'Oh Priyaa Na Priyaa' released soon.

Apr 14 2018 9:41 PM

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Mehbooba First Song 'Oh Priyaa Na Priyaa' released soon.:

The first single of Mehbooba is going to releasing on April 16 at 5 pm. This news is officially said by Mehbooba team on twitter. The Fist song of Mehbooba is titled as 'Oh Priyaa Na Priyaa', which is composed by Sandeep Chowta.

'Mehbooba' is going to be released worldwide on May 11th. The film is set in the backdrop of the 1971 India-Pakistan war. Nayashetty is acting opposite Puri Aakash. The film is being released by Dil Raju Venkateswara Films.

Dil Raju has been associated with the films 'idiot' and 'Pokiri' in the past with Puri Jagannath's direction. After a long time, the 'Mehboobha' audience is going to come up with the audience.

Music: Sandeep Chowta, Cinematography: Vishnu Sharma, Editing: Junaid Siddique, Action: Real Satish, Art: Johnny Sheikh, Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Producer, Direction: Puri Jagannath.