Taapsee makes one more Sensational Statement

Jan 29 2018 1:08 PM

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Taapsee makes one more Sensational Statement:

Taapsee Panu Again Stands in News Headline by making a Bold Statement on Bollywood Star Kids. In her latest Interview with a Famous Daily. Taapsee spoke about various aspects of being an actor in Bollywood. One of the topics was nepotism.

Taapsee said that while the industry never made her feel like an outsider, it’s the media personnel who make her feel like a step child. “There are times when we go to events and do have some views to make but we are overshadowed by star kids who probably haven’t even given a single shot ever,” Taapsee said.

The Delhi Beauty further added, “All the struggles that we have done in our lives and all that we have achieved on the bases of our talent is overshadowed by XYZ whose claim to fame is that she/he is a star’s, daughter/son”.
Nepotism has been the most discussed topic in Bollywood and we have to wait and see how people react to Taapsee's statements.