First Look: Mohan Babu in Gayatri

Dec 25 2017 10:19 AM

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Mohan Babu Gayatri First Look :

The First Look of Gayatri Movie has revealed today on eve of Christmas Day. It showcases Mohan Babu With white beard and Looking in Pensive mood. along with First Look Poster they they unveiled a Intresting Dialogue too 'Aa Roju Ramudu Chesindi Thappu Ayithe.. Naadi Thappe.'
in his Career Mohan Babu Done There same Roles In past. Director mohan Said to have taken an interesting and gripping story and etched a powerful role for Mohan is buzzed that once again Mohan Babu would enthral in such a role in Gayatri. Talk is that Mohan Babu himself will be seen as hero and villain in the film.