Paytm has Launched Paytm Inbox Features

Nov 3 2017 9:00 PM

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Paytm inbox messaging feature has launched, send money by chatting:

Paytm has now launched its Official Meeting Service. The new feature is named Company PayTM Inbox. This feature is a messaging platform where users can chat with each other. Just like Whatsapp, users can share photos, videos, messages etc. in this app. The biggest advantage of this feature is that users can send money easily. Paytm's wallet of Paytm is a major threat to WhatsApp. This app is completely encrypted. This app sees the privacy of customers. Users can also share private content in this app. it allows Group Chats also. This app also has a great feature of 'Recall Message' which allows users to remove messages sent by mistake. In addition to messaging, Paytm Inbox also includes a notification. With this, customers can get information on each cashback offer.